Bhandara & Bhog

The beloved sons and devotees of Maa Badrakali enjoy the ‘Prasad’ of Bhandara in the ‘Darbar’ of Maa. All the devotees without the caste,creed,clan discrimination, sitting together enjoy the ‘langar’ meals. Devotees from far and wide come to pay obescience on each Saturday and on Navratras. Grand Bhandaras are prepared to serve the devotees at large scale. These Bhandaras are run continuously for 15 days in Navrataras of Chaitra-Ashwin months of desi year. Anyone without the discrimination of caste, colour can make make service in these Bhandaras. With the ‘Bhog’ of Maa all the men and material become pious and good enough. There is special Bhandaras for fasting devotees and a boon to fast keepers. Maa Bhadradali is life giver and breath giver.  Her powers are beyond limits.

Become a Dedicated Volunteer-Sewak

You can contact in the temple office on Saturday with your id-proof and photo either for Maa Bhadrakali Mahila Mandal or Maa Bhadrakali Sewak Mandal. The minimum timings for Sewa is 4 hours as per available schedule.

Make a Contribution/Donation

You can send your cheque/draft/cash etc on the name of “Maa Bhadrakali Shaktipeeth” payable at Kurukshetra at the following address – Shaktipeeth Shri Devikoop Bhadrakali Mandir, Jhansa Road, Kurukshetra, Haryana, India -136118

Online Donation

Online Donation Feature is Cooming Soon..!!