Navratri is the best period to make happy the ‘Supreme Power (Shakti).’ To ignite your fortune and to get awake your spiritual-religious powers and to worship the mother Goddess, the Navratras are auspicious and thus have their importance. This begins with ‘Kalash-Poojan’ i.e. worship. According to sanatan traditions of India, the ‘Asth(eight) Kanya Poojan’ on Durgasthmi the worshipping of Goddess mother has a great revering place. This grand festival of Durgasthmi is celebrated at Shaktipeeth Shri Devikoop Bhadrakali Mandir (Temple) in Navratras with a ‘Jagran’ on this night. In this ‘Jagran’ 52 Lucky families are blessed with a honour to get 52 ‘Jyotis’ i.e. holy fire in their hands to worship the 52 revered limbs of ‘Maa Sati’. In this auspicious episode, along with ‘Navdurga-MahaPoojan’ & ‘Bharat mata Poojan’ i.e. mother India is also worshipped. In this world of materialism and spiritualization ‘Maa’ as a word denotes and connotes the holiest concept. All the devotees chant the songs along with a renounced religious singer i.e. ‘Bhaints-Bhajan’ in honour of ‘Maa Bhadrakali’ with worshipping the formless form of Maa with ‘Jyoti-Poojan’ the whole night. Maa blesses all the devotees with the fulfillment of their wishes.

Renowned singers have performed like Master Saleem, Padam Shree Hans Raj Hans, Richa Sharma, Neha Kakkar, Sardool Sikander, Kumar Vishu, Bhajan Samrat Narendra Chanchal, Anuradha Paudwal, Tripti Shakya, Vipin Sachdeva, Piyusha Kailash Anuj, Rekha Dhall, Uma Lehri, Ashok Chanchal etc.

Become a Dedicated Volunteer-Sewak

You can contact in the temple office on Saturday with your id-proof and photo either for Maa Bhadrakali Mahila Mandal or Maa Bhadrakali Sewak Mandal. The minimum timings for Sewa is 4 hours as per available schedule.

Make a Contribution/Donation

You can send your cheque/draft/cash etc on the name of “Maa Bhadrakali Shaktipeeth” payable at Kurukshetra at the following address – Shaktipeeth Shri Devikoop Bhadrakali Mandir, Jhansa Road, Kurukshetra, Haryana, India -136118

Online Donation

Online Donation Feature is Cooming Soon..!!